​    Michael Eric Dale

What makes a great home?

 I believe a successful home will generally have 4 key elements:

 Simplicity of Massing:

 The best starting point and broadest stroke  in developing the  three-dimensional aspects of a home is effective massing.  Regardless of how complicated the structure and plan, I endeavor  to give  homes that gracious quality that comes from simple roof  lines, well- developed compositions, and harmonious materials. 


The proper dynamic relationship between  the design  elements of  a home is absolutely vital to success.  Most of us know innately  when a composition is successful, even when we  cannot  intellectualize the reasons. 


 Detail brings a home to life. Details work together. They  must   relate to  each other into an architectural language that defines     style. Details may be simple or complex, but a home is only truly  successful when each detail is carefully considered.  

Focal Point:

Any artful composition will have a place to rest the eye. A successful home will have a discernible focal point. This could be centered on a beautiful entrance, a powerful window, or other singular and well-placed architectural feature.  I very purposefully avoid creating a salad of architectural elements that have no focus.