Michael Eric Dale     

How I work with clients

Works well with others

Truly, the best think I ever learned about working with clients was to forget what I was taught in college. Our instructors taught us that we must sketch out various ideas, choose one, and then develop that idea into a final, meticulously drawn plan to show our clients.

 Ideas Generate Ideas

In residence design, I have found that showing my clients many ideas rather

than the one I might choose for myself is the best way to work through the design process. After all, it is the clients' home, not mine. How much better it is to compare solutions and choose the best ideas that suit my clients' lifestyle.

I have found that this delivers the best product. Perhaps more importantly, by looking at many ideas and comparing them, the process takes much less time than the conventional  method of reviewing one plan at a time. This, in turn, translates into cost savings for my clients.